André Phillipe

It has seemed, for quite some time now, that the car buying experience was due for a significant change. Customers' time is more scarce, we have access to more information and options than never before and the process of purchasing a car, for the most part, has remained unchanged. I have purchased more cars than I care to admit (more from Avondale than any other) and while I always enjoy a new car, some of the things that go along with them are just a whip. Depreciation, over-milage, maintenance and the list goes on. Select, brilliantly, allows me to drive different cars from the brands I drive anyhow, without having to worry about any of those things. What a welcomed changed to an industry that desperately needs it! 

My experience couldn't have been better. I drove close to $300,000 worth of vehicles over the two weeks I tested the program-Mercedes, Jaguar, Land Rover. The concierge team was responsive, the app was easy to use and the cars were great. It's the simplicity of this program that I have grown to appreciate so much though. Truly, by the click of a couple of buttons, I got out of a SUV and into a convertible, anticipating a few days with temps in the 70's. Simple. Simple. Simple. And with a wife, two kids, two great danes and businesses to run, SIMPLE is all I can take.