Take a look at our most frequently asked questions.

Top Questions

How does Avondale Select work?
Use the Avondale Select app to request your next vehicle, including when and where you would like the next vehicle. An Avondale Select concierge will deliver the fresh vehicle, transfer everything over to your new car, and ensure you're all set to go. Flip into new cars as often as you would like. Our goal is to ensure you have the perfect car for any occasion.

What is included in a Avondale Select subscription?
Every Avondale Select subscription includes rights to a vehicle, insurance and unlimited flips between vehicles. The concierge team delivers hand-washed vehicles to wherever you request. We take care of all maintenance so you can focus on driving. 

For information on the different tiers of Avondale Select service, check out our pricing.

What vehicles are included with Avondale Select?
Please click here for a list of the vehicles available in each price tier.

How does Avondale Select pick the perfect car for me?
Think of Avondale Select as your personal concierge service. Tell us about your needs and we'll match them with the perfect vehicle. More seats? Extra luggage room? Special date night? We've got you covered. We listen and learn. We focus on the details so you can focus on enjoying the journey.

How does insurance work?
Insurance is included with all Avondale Select subscriptions. All approved drivers are covered by the Avondale Select insurance policy. Policy highlights:

$1,000 Deductible 
$1,000,000 liability coverage (combined single limit)
$300,000 uninsured motorist (combined)
$2,000 medical payments to offset any out of pocket or deductible costs

How long can I keep a vehicle?
There are no restrictions on how long or how short your flips can be. Occasionally, when a vehicle has been with a member for many weeks, we might need to ask for it back so that we can do routine tasks like preventive maintenance. However, at worst we'll flip you into a fresh vehicle that is just like the one you have. In practice, most members flip 2-3 times a month and enjoy doing so!

How new are the vehicles?
Vehicles are the current or prior model year. Each vehicle is washed before and after it ever goes to a member. Many of our members tell us that every vehicle feels like new!

How are taxes handled?
We handle vehicle registration and taxes with the state. However, all subscription-related fees are subject to applicable state and local sales taxes.

Signing Up

How do I join Avondale Select?

Is Avondale Select in my area?
Avondale Select services the Dallas / Fort Worth Metropolitan area. You can view our membership area here. If you're outside of our membership area, sign up for news and updates and we will let you know when we arrive in your city.

Who is eligible?
Anyone 26 years or older with a valid license and clean driving record.

How do I receive my first vehicle?
Once accepted, your Avondale Select concierge will work with you to deliver your first vehicle. We recommend you reserve at least 30 minutes for your first delivery so we can answer any questions and show you the ropes.

What should I do with my old vehicle?
Contact the sales team to learn more about getting out of your old vehicle.

What is the Avondale Select joining fee?
A joining fee is required for all new Avondale Select memberships. The fee is non-refundable and is charged when reserving your entry or upon scheduling your first delivery. The fees are as follows:
Plus - $1500
Premium - $2500

Everyday Usage

How well equipped are the vehicles?
The majority of Avondale Select vehicles are equipped with a mid to high-end trim package. We option the vehicles based on our clients' most requested features. The user app allows you to rate each vehicle so we can continue meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Are pets allowed in vehicles?
We do allow pets in the vehicles, but they must be transported in a crate. It is better for the car and safer for your furry friend!

What happens if my vehicle needs repair?
Our goal is that you will never have to worry about maintenance or repair issues. If something unforeseen occurs, use the Avondale Select app to notify us and we will get you back driving!

What happens if I get into an accident?
First, make sure that everyone is safe, get your vehicle to a safe place, exchange information with the other parties and notify the police. Once the situation is stabilized, call us at (469) 890-0581. We will bring you a fresh vehicle and handle everything with respect to the vehicle involved in the incident. It is very important that you get a police report and the insurance information of the other parties involved in the accident. 

How much advance notice is required for a flip?
We require a 24hr notice for flips, unless there's a mechanical/roadside issue which we make exceptions for subject to availability. The best experience is to book a few days in advance. Booking a vacation? Go ahead and book your flip too. Need something soon? Don't stress, we will bring you the best option available.

Do I tip the concierge?
Avondale Select does not allow tipping. Concierge delivery is part of the overall Avondale Select member experience and included with the monthly subscription. If you have an exceptional Concierge experience feel free to reflect it in the service rating or by letting the team know.

Should I program my garage door opener to each vehicle?
Our concierges can help you program your garage door opener when you flip into a fresh ride!

How do I handle my toll tag fees?
All toll tag fees will be billed back to your credit card so you can keep on driving!

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is strictly prohibited. We ask that all members smoke outside of and away from our vehicles. We want every ride to feel like your brand new car!

Are the vehicles equipped with Sirius radio?
Sirius Radio is active on many of our vehicles so there is a great chance that you can experience the stations that you love. 

What is the difference between the service area and usage area?
The service area includes the vast majority of the greater DFW area. This is where we would "flip" (exchange) vehicles with you. There is a map located at the bottom of the "How It Works" page for your reference.

The usage area is a 450 mile radius surrounding Plano, Texas for the Plus and Premium tiers. This radius covers travel throughout most of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Pricing & Payment

Where can I find the insurance card?
Hard copies of the insurance card can also be found in the glovebox.

What about fuel?
All Avondale Select cars are delivered with a full tank of gas, and Avondale Select members are only responsible for the fuel they use. If you flip a vehicle without a full tank, your concierge will refill the vehicle and add the charge to your account following your flip. We never charge a fuel premium or convenience fee.

When is payment due?
A valid debit or credit card is required during sign up. Your first payment will be charged when we confirm delivery of your first vehicle. Subsequent payments will be charged on a monthly basis, in advance. Any additional charges for gas will be charged as soon as the flip ends.

What is the minimum commitment to Avondale Select?
Avondale Select is a monthly subscription service. Pay for the first 31 days and give it a try. If you like it, your subscription will renew automatically monthly after the first period. If you ever want to cancel, just let us know and we will end your subscription after your current month has expired.

Can I move between the different plans?
Yes, members can move between plans at the end of their billing period, subject to availability. Members will be required to pay the difference in joining fee when moving to higher tiers.

Do you offer corporate memberships?
Please email select@avondale.com for more details on corporate memberships.

I purchased a few vehicle protection packages on my last vehicle and that helped me save on unexpected damages. Do you offer these protective products?
Yes! We offer one package designed to make vehicle subscription painless and ensure your peace of mind. This package protects your wheels, tires, and windshield. It is a $0 deductible program with unlimited occurrences and protects you regardless of the Avondale Select vehicle that you are in.

Pricing: Plus - $59/month | Premium - $79/month |

If I choose not to get the protection package, am I responsible for damages to the vehicle?
Yes. Much like owning or leasing, damage is the subscriber's responsibility. We expect Avondale Select subscribers to treat each vehicle with care and respect as if it were their own. Abuse to any vehicle can result in program termination.

Can I use a credit card to pay for the service?
Yes, Avondale Select accepts credit cards and debit cards.