Lindsey Jensen

It was a long Monday at work and I needed a car that would make my evening drive from Dallas to Fort Worth relaxing, comfortable, and safe. Why was I driving to Fort Worth in rush hour traffic on a Monday? Let's start there.

I am part of a family that is often described as "over-connected." And I mean that in the very best way possible. Whether it's hopping flights to Colorado for a weekend with my sister, or an evening drive to see my parents in Fort Worth, it is just what we do. This particular Monday I was dying to get over to my parents home to see a unique piece of furniture my parents recently purchased and then catch up over dinner (because the three phone calls and multiple family group texts to them are never enough).

So, I opened up an app and ordered the car that I needed.

Yes, you read that right.

An Avondale Select subscription allows me to flip between the most sought after luxury cars on demand. At the touch of my fingertips. Through an app. Just like that. With one monthly fee.

You can pick up your jaw now. Let's continue...

I scheduled the "flip" at a specific time that worked in my busy (insert WAY too busy) schedule. Avondale delivered a gorgeous Jaguar XF to my front door at the exact time they said they would arrive. The concierge took time to review the important features of the new car and then asked about my needs, my likes and dislikes. What stations do I listen to? What inside temperature do I prefer? How do I like my seat and steering wheel? Did I have any questions about the car?

The Jaguar was washed and pristine. The tank was full, and within minutes I was settled in "my new car" and ready to hit the road. The drive was so nice and I was so thankful to arrive at my parent's home ready to enjoy an evening with them.

The ability to drive luxury cars that fit your changing needs. Now that is revolutionary.