Take a look at what some of our members have experienced with a Avondale subscription!

Lindsey Jensen's Garage

Lindsey subscribes to make spending time with her family easier than ever.
Date Night
✔︎ Something fast
✔︎ 2-seater
✔︎ Bluetooth connected
Road Trip
✔︎ Something fast
✔︎ 2-seater
✔︎ Bluetooth connected
Luxurious Commute
✔︎ Sport utility   
✔︎ Comfy!

Mike Merrill's Garage

Subscription pairs perfectly with Mike's busy lifestyle.
Stress-free commute
✔︎ Maximum comfort 
✔︎ Ride high
✔︎ Reverse camera
Just the two of us
✔︎ Space for 2  
✔︎ Drop the top
✔︎ Bluetooth music
Weekend getaway
✔︎ Spacious trunk  
✔︎ All wheel drive
✔︎ Navigation preferred

André Phillipe's Garage

Andre subscribes for simplicity without sacrifice.
Make it spacious
✔︎ Comfortable for 5 
✔︎ Space for stuff
✔︎ Sunroof
Andre's everyday
✔︎ 4 doors   
✔︎ Smooth ride
Top down cruising
✔︎ Convertible  
✔︎ Make it sporty
✔︎ Adaptive cruise control

Zane Aveton's Garage

Zane enjoys the ride
Everyday Ride
✔︎ Luxurious
✔︎ 4 seats
✔︎ Commutes and carpools
Roll The Dice
✔︎ Surprise me    
✔︎ At least 2 seats
✔︎ Sporty
Above The Crowd
✔︎ Sport utility    
✔︎ Keyless entry
✔︎ Space for luggage