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Sell Us Your Car in Dallas

Sell Your Car to Avondale Select Today

Are you ready to upgrade from your current vehicle into something nicer or more accommodating to your lifestyle and needs around Grapevine? Using Avondale Select is an easy and straightforward way for you to sell your car in Dallas. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle it is, or whether you've already paid it off or not, we want to buy your car and help you get the highest value possible for it today.

Can I Sell My Vehicle or Trade it In?

You can sell your vehicle to us outright and go back to Highland Park with cash in your hand, or you can trade-in your vehicle and use the value to upgrade to our Avondale Select rental plan or buy a new or used vehicle from us in Dallas. There are many options available to you, and we're here to help make the process simple for you to sell your car today.

Do You Buy Vehicles that Have Outstanding Loans or Lease Plans?

Yes. If you're still paying off your loan or lease plan, you can still sell your vehicle to us and we'll work with you to pay off outstanding payments.

How Do I Receive an Offer On My Vehicle?

Fill out some quick contact information and schedule an appraisal appointment online. Make the short trip from nearby University Park to get your vehicle inspected and appraised. After the appraisal inspection, we'll give you an offer on your vehicle which you can choose to sell on the spot, or take some time to consider your options before making a decision.

What're the Benefits of Selling or Trading-In My Vehicle at the Dealership?

We offer top dollar to purchase your vehicle from you and we make the process easier than ever. You can take the cash value of your vehicle and use it however you want in Preston Hollow. You can also choose to trade your vehicle in and use the value towards buying, leasing, or signing up to Avondale Select.

Contact Us with Any Questions Today

If you have any questions about selling your vehicle in Dallas, we invite you to contact us online or over the phone today.